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Mission Statement
Freewheelers Cycling Club not only promote bicycling ,but also fitness and sense of achievement in our disadavantage communities. To persuade talented youth to move away from crime,substance abuse and encourage them to partake in sport or to consider professional cycling as a career. IMPROVE QUALITY OF CYCLING IN OUR COMMUNITY, USE THE BICYCLE TO UPLIFT OUR COMMUNITIES AND YOUTH MORAL

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HeadQuarters: 17 Lucerne Crescent Coniston Park Steenberg Cape Town contacts (m) 0721082849
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Organization Details

We were form in 2004 to give kids a healthy alternative to crime substance abuse espescially TIK.

We take youth on mountain bike and road rides , espescially kids that cant afford to buy their own bikes ,due to the high cost of bikes,safety equipment

and bicycle spares

we need transport to get to training venues and events,funding to maintain 25 mountain bikes and 10 road bikes.

food as osme kids come willingly but witth empty stomachs and partly clothe

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Created: 14th May 2010
Modified: 14th May 2010
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