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South Africa : United Democratic Movement

Mission Statement
The United Democratic Movement (UDM) is a centre-left, social-democratic, South African political party, formed by a prominent former National Party leader, Roelf Meyer (who has since resigned from the UDM) former African National Congress and homeland leader, Bantu Holomisa and John Taylor former ANC REC member in 1997. It has an anti-separatist, pro-diversity platform; and supports an individualist South Africa with a strong moral sense, in both social and economic senses.

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Organization Contacts
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Organization Details

Holomisma  was expelled from the ANC after accusing a top party official of corruption. After being expelled, the former military strongman teamed up with Roelf Meyer, a former Nationalist Party Cabinet minister, to form a new party. Meyer later left politics to pursue other interests.

The United Democratic Movement sees itself as a major competitor with the African National Congress. Holomisa says his party is aiming to become an alternative government. His party campaigns around issues which it believes the government is handling badly.

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