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World, Congo-Kinshasa, Government
DRC ambassador to the USA Since November 19, 1999.
Education, Tanzania, Government
First President of post-independence Tanganyika (Tanzania), Nyerere was also known as 'Mwalimu' or Teacher and 'Baba wa Taifa' or Father...
Equatorial Guinea, United Kingdom, Other
Mercenary and former British Army officer that is currently in jail for his involvement in Equitorial Guinea's failed Coup d'etat.
University, United States
Author of The Cohesion of Oppression: Clientship and Ethnicity in Rwanda, Catharine Newbury specializes in research, teaching, and organizations dealing...
Literature, Health, Egypt
Nawal El Saadawi is an Egyptian doctor, novelist, and writer who fights for women's rights.
Zimbabwe, Government
Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs in Zimbabwe, Chinamasa is a leading member of the ruling party ZANU-PF.
Zimbabwe, Government, World
Spokesperson of the opposition party MDC in Zimbabwe.
Equatorial Guinea, Government
First Post-Colonial President of Equitorial Guinea, 1968-1979.
United States, Government
Chairman of the Africa and Global Health Subcommittee on the Committee of Foreign Affairs
Guinea, Government
Former Prime Minister of Guinea, March 1, 2007 to May 23, 2008.