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Agnes is an ambitious young Liberian woman who is keen on making her impact felt in post war Liberia through...
Broadcast, Liberia
Amos is a former child right campaigner who helped establish the Liberian Children parliament in 2004.
Online, Liberia
Boakai is the Media Coordinator of allAfrica Global Media - Liberia.
Liberia, NGOs
Catherine is the Office Manager for NDI Liberia. She is responsible for administration,human resource etc
Other, Liberia
Counselor Charles Brumskine is an opposition politician of the Liberty Party (LP)in Libreia. He is former senate Pro Tem of...
Occupations, Liberia, Netherlands
Charles Taylor is a former president of Liberia who stepped down following pressure from a rebel group. A former rebel...
University, Liberia
Mr. Podee is the president of the United Methodist University Student Union. The United Methodist University is one of the...
Administration, Liberia
Dr. Sawyer is one of Liberia's long standing politicians that is respected for his political opinions. He headed one of...
Liberia, Education
Dr. Evelyn Kandakai is the Executive Director of the Liberian Education Trust - Monrovia, an initiative of President Ellen Johnson...
Practitioner, Liberia
Dr. Dennis is Chief Medical Officer of the John F Kennedy Hospital in Liberia. It is Liberia's largest referral hospital...

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