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Anita Wills

I am a other, grandmother, Speaker, Writer, and Author, from America. I would like to connect with the Malinke people of Guinea.

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Created: 18th Jul 2011
Modified: 18th Jul 2011
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Anita Wills
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Date of Birth: Sep/20/1946
Gender: female
Website: http://www.blo...
Place of Origin: United States

I am writing a book about my Great-Great Grandmother, who was kidnapped and enslaved from Guinea in 1830. Although she was a young girl, she left many clues for me to follow and trace back to Guinea. I am now writing a book about her life titled Jali Musoo: Our Story Lives On through the Telling. This is what I learned from Grandmother Lea, that as long as the story is told she lives on..., The book will be available in stores in September. I would like to communicate with people of the Malinke Tribe who may have some insight into my ancestor. She was born in 1818 and enslaved in 1830. According to President Conte's wife, she was Malinke, and her father was the King. At the time she was taken with other children from the Royal Family. Her surname may have been, Keita,  Kamary, or Toure.  However the story is fiction based on fact, so the surname is not that important. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.  

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