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Jeffrey Herbst
Jeffrey Herbst

United States

Dr. Jeffrey Herbst is the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Political Science Professor at Miami University.

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Created: 10th Jun 2009
Modified: 10th Jun 2009
Professional Information
Professional Areas:
Miami University
Executive Vice President of Provost and Political Science Professor

Biographical Information
Jeffrey Herbst
(At a Glance)
Gender: male
Place of Origin: United States

He received his Bachelors of Arts Degree at Princeton University in 1983, his Master's of Arts degree and Ph.D from Yale University in 1987.  He has written many scolarly articles on subjects of a new approach to soverignty in Africa.  He has written books including titles such as "States and Power in Africa", "Big African States", "Learning from Somalia", and "Poetics of Military Occupation  Mzeina and Allegories of Bedouin Identity under Isralei and Egyptian Rule", as well as a recent article in the New York times discussing politics in Zimbabwe titled "Bring Zimbabwe in from the Cold".


"Bringing Zimbabwe in From the Cold"


Books written and Edited by Herbst:,%20Jeffrey

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