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Marilyn Orton
Marilyn Orton

United States

I am the President of Women of Worth International, which has representatives in 80 countries. Our free and simple program empowers women within the church and in their communities.

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Created: 21st Apr 2012
Modified: 21st Apr 2012
Professional Information
Women of Worth International
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Description of Work:

I oversee Women of Worth International in 80 countries, helping the women to use our free, simple program to empower them and teach them they are valuable right where they are.

We refer them to other organizations for micro enterprise and other projects.

Biographical Information
Marilyn Orton
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Jun/25/1936
Gender: female
Place of Origin: United States

The WOW program enhances the lives of women in Africa and other developing nations by giving them stature within the community, building lasting friendships, working together to change their community, and in micro enterprise.

WOW is a global group of sisters, tens of thousands of them, who are dynamically changing their corner of the world, and beyond.

Learn more about the simple, free program at



Mrs. Orton has been named Citizen of the Year by the Lion's Club.


Author of Made for Ministry.  A book that details how women can find and use their spiritual gifts within their church.

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