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Atiku Abubakar
Atiku Abubakar

Abubakar was the Vice-President of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007. He is a Muslim native of Adamawa State, and was an influential member of the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) until 2006 when he switched affiliation to the Action Congress party.

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Created: 29th Sep 2010
Modified: 29th Sep 2010
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Since becoming Vice President in 1999, he has presided over the National Council on Privatization during which hundreds of loss-making and poorly managed public enterprises were sold off in a manner that has prompted more questions than answers. There have been wild allegations that Atiku engaged in unwholesome practices during the privatization of some of those previously State-owned parastatals. President Obasanjo's son, Gbenga, alluded to this allegation in an interview with an internet-based journal, Elendu Reports, where he insinuated that Atiku "sold Pentascope to himself". These allegations yet again remain unproven, though many political analysts see him, rather sympathetically, as a man who is more prone to cook-ups than conspiracy.

The role played by Atiku in a 'state of emergency' invoked on Plateau State also gives credence to his support for fairness to people of other faiths.

In 2006, Atiku had in a face-off with his direct superior, President Olusegun Obasanjo, due to the latter's eventual failed attempts to amend certain provisions of the constitution in order to take another shot at the presidency (for the third consecutive time). It is unclear whether Atiku's opposition to President Obasanjo's inordinate ambition was altruistic or selfish. Nonetheless, Atiku had never hidden his interest in the coveted post. The debate and acrimony generate by the failed constitutional amendment momentarily caused a rift in the People's Democratic Party. It also appears to have irreparably damaged both men's political and personal relationship, of which, Mr Abubakar, from all indications, is feeling the brunt of it. Despite the furor, the Nigerian National Assembly eventually voted against any amendments allowing Obasanjo to run for another term.

Biographical Information
Atiku Abubakar
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Nov/25/1946
Place of Origin: Nigeria

He was the Vice-President of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007. He is a Muslim native of Adamawa State, and was an influential member of the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) until 2006 when he switched affiliation to the Action Congress party.

He came up the ranks of the ruling PDP primarily, due to the pivotal role he played in its formation. He was also an ardent opponent of General Sani Abacha, the late dictator. Atiku's source of wealth has caused some curiosity among Nigerians but that also goes for many other wealthy Nigerians. He has said in a new biography yet to be published that he made his money, "through wise investments, hard work and sheer luck of being at the right place at the right time".

Atiku attended Jada Primary School, 1954–1960, Adamawa Provinsional School, Yola, 1961 to 1965, with Advance Level studies in Economics, British Economic History, Government and Hausa Language, School of hygiene Kano, 1966–1967, graduating with Royal Society of Health Diploma, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, 1967, graduating with Diploma in Law, in 1969

Atiku joined the Customs and Excise department in 1969, serving in Seme, Kano, Maiduguri, Kaduna, Ibadan and Lagos. He rose to the rank of Deputy Director (second in command nationwide), with a notably impeccable service record. Since then, he has attended courses in Leadership Management, Drug Enforcement and Control in Finland, Egypt and United States of America.

Abubakar went into private business after his retirement, with interests in oil Services, agriculture, food and beverages, print media, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and education. His reported philanthropic activities have included building of schools and mosques across the country, sponsorship of local and foreign treatment of citizens with aggravated medical problems, as well as local/oversea scholarships to disadvantaged Nigerian students.

Source: Wikipedia

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Abubakar was the Vice-President of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007. He is a Muslim native of Adamawa State, and was an influential member of the...

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Author: oniemola
Wed Oct 13 09:29:56 2010

I go into temporary sadness when comentators define Nigeria's political life simply along enthnic or religous divides. Put the leadership and the problems of Nigeria side by side. E.G. corruption: where is the boundary line? North or South? Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba? or the so-called ethnic minorities? Is looting, stealing or pjilfering not crossing social, including gender borders? Are we not witnessing higher scale of democratic looting now than the militocratic stealing of the past.

It looks like Nigeria's main political problem is heinous materialism, that is, acquisition of wealth illegimately by any means, now! now!! now!!! and by leadership… [Read Full Text]

Author: deportedbiafra
Fri Oct 15 17:18:11 2010

I would like to let the world know that one Nigeria option didnt bear any good fruit for 50 years. Nigeria is no longer a nation but nations. There will be three nations to come out of nigeria very soon. The Biafran Liberation organasition <> is on the way to be born.Whenever you think or mention nigeria as a nation,please I beg you,just count the Igbos out,we are Biafrans.short and simple. God bless United States of Biafra

Author: kamolak06
Fri Dec 10 05:21:58 2010

Dear fellow Nigerians,

Iam very disapointed with some Nigerians that crys for war or for Nigeria to be devided, Dear fellow Nigerians Igbos were too much in to each others.The Yoruba,Hausa and Igbos cant do without eachothers. Lets look at the most of investments of Igbos in Lagos alone or in Northern Nigeria the Igbos has a lot to loss than the Yorubas or Hausas. The Yorubas and Hausas are not much in Igbos Land but there are millions of Igbos and their investments in Yoruba, Hausa land. The Igbos can not trade without reaching Lagos,Kano,Kaduna etc. Dear… [Read Full Text]

Author: ebeozor
Sat Dec 18 17:40:37 2010

Sir, you are very right in your analogy of the Ibos standing to loose out the most should anyone try to nurse the idea of dividing the country.. we all know that Nigeria is still trying to recover from the Biafra war. We have to suck it up and find a common ground to work together as a nation. We should start seeing eachother as Nigerians, a nation like USA is great today because they are proud to be called Americans. Not until an Hausa man starts names his child Nduka, a Yoruba man names his child Chiamaka, an Igbo… [Read Full Text]

Author: Beebee
Mon Feb 21 01:07:29 2011

Don't let us wait for God's intervension because it will take time.let do something to slove ur problems.

Author: Beebee
Mon Feb 21 00:44:23 2011

My brother/sisters,Nigeria is pluralistic country,which is blessed is natural resource and great people,but where our problems lies is our polluted mind,if that polluted mind could be clean i.e our currpt rulers not leaders can posses the fear of God Nigeria would a better place to live.God bless NIGERIA!

Author: D.J YAYA
Sun Nov 14 12:07:01 2010

It is indeed unfortunate that out of about 140,000,000 or so,nigeria can only present the like of Gusau,Babangida,Ribadu and co. as presidential candidates.Where is our pride?Where is our conscince?It is clear that my beloved country and it citizenry lack the basic senses of purpose and direction that is required for any meaningful progress.No wonder we look toword these so called leaders that are completely blinded by greed and wickedness for 'leadership'.We're already in trouble and GOD save the soul of the unborn.If I have the means,I would send them[the unborn] a message,that they should change their address, may be to… [Read Full Text]

Author: hmshuwaki
Thu Jan 6 19:45:45 2011

Nigeria and Nigerians need a credible leaders like the most populous honest man like General Muhammad Buhari.Therefore we the youth will not accept any election manipulation called rigging that will destroy the future of our country. Nigerians please vote for the person that will serve our father land with love and strength and faith.

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