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Dorothy Adero

Representative of U-Can-International & Web Centers' Multimedia, E-commerce + E-fun-d-raiser Web Developer: Work with S-M-L. org.s support the vulnerable Ref.

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Created: 12th Dec 2008
Modified: 11th Jan 2009
Professional Information
U - Can - International

Description of Work:

Work primarily is international.

U - Can - Intn'l,  is a Canada - based computers exports, gift items distribution, and cross - cultural educational organization, founded in 1994. Work focus as of year 2006, is on computers and computer - related services, offered through U.C.I. Web Centers. Further detail and description of her activities are available at  the URL link : -

(site move to the new server in progress).

Related work interests are and have been in the fields of Public Service - Administration and Management. This is through intn'l, gov.t , academic, business and N.G.O. bodies including : Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uganda (1985-87); G.C.E. pre-univ. entrance students Tutoring Company (1986-1988), U.N. offices representation work, Nairobi (1987-1989); Queens Univ, Canada - Strathy Language Unit Research work (1991-1993); and since 1994, work as Programs Coordinator & Representative for U - Can - Intn'l .

Biographical Information
Dorothy Adero
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: //
  Fax: 267.653.5563
  City: Toronto
Tel: 647.722.4094 Ext. 1281192
Website: http://www.tin...
Place of Origin: Uganda

Born in Mulago hospital, Kampala, and hails from Apac district in Uganda;

B.A. Social Sciences graduate of Makerere University, Uganda and

Canadian Queens University Master of Public Administration (M.P.Admin.)

graduate of Policy Studies. 


based currently in Toronto with humerous son, Ian Robin Obonyo - Oker,

d.o.b. March 1989. His father Dr. Charles R. Obonyo - Oker, abruptly

moved on to the heavenlies in l997 (R.I.P.)


To date, work is on I.T. certifications, towards the comparative analysis research -  I.T. policy impacts on socio - economic health & development policies: international comparison.

Additional work endeavors mainly in support of education for orphans, widows, refugees & the vulnerable continue on with U - Can - Intn'l, in affiliation with helping organizations as U Can Africa.   

More detail at the blogfolio URL Ref.:

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