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James Mancham

first president of the Republic of Seychelles

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Created: 4th Mar 2008
Modified: 9th Jul 2008
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James Mancham
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Interests: First president of the Republic of Seychelles
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Place of Origin: Seychelles
Sir James Richard Marie Mancham (1939 -) was first president of the Republic of Seychelles between June 29, 1976 and on June 5, 1977. In 1963, Mancham melted the democratic party seychellois (SDP) and was named Prime Minister for the British colony in 1970. Mancham maintained his position during the transition into autonomy in 1975.

At the time of independence on June 29, 1976 (to which the SDP and Mancham had been long opposed), he became the first president of Seychelles. Not long after, in 1977, during a visit to London, the Prime Minister of Seychells Albert Rene staged a coup. Mancham remains in exile in the United Kingdom and the opposition carries out to it but also attempts at destabilization of the government. It is not known exactly which Mancham share took in the coup d'etat missed against Rene of November 25, 1981, it is probable that it was not foreign there.

Mancham is also the author of two books, one on its inversion entitled Paradise Raped (in French: paradise violated), the other on the place of Seychelles in the fight against terrorism.

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