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United States : French-American University

Mission Statement
The French-American University / Université Franco-Américaine is striving to equalize or democratize the world access to quality higher education so as to advance humanity itself. PEOPLE CAN REGISTER TODAY TO AFFORDABLE ONLINE CLASSES. The French American University is sponsored by the United States, Massachusetts, Cambridge-based American University of Kinshasa Foundation, a 501 (c )(3) Institution. Increasing access to higher education in general, with special attention to developing countries, has the potential to improve and save lives. There is a humanitarian imperative to bring the classroom to life to all the people and nations, regardless of the economic status or geographic location. To lower the teaching language barriers in order to reach a larger world audience of people in need, the French-American university is multilingual. Its strong online education curriculum is a timely response to the global aspiration. With the convenience of the internet, the French-American University’s professors are recruited among the best from around the world. The university is committed to a rigorous academic program so as to educate students to bring answers to the real life challenges. The possibility for students to take classes when and where they want, allows working people to arrange their classes around their job schedules: a flexible way to earn the French-American University’s distinguished degree.

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HeadQuarters: 1555 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
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The French-American University Announced the Launch of Online Courses: Computer Science, Business Administration and Management.

Cambridge, Massachusetts— Taking its commitment further to make higher education easily accessible for a large majority of students, the French-American University, affiliated with the Massachusetts, Cambridge-based American University of Kinshasa Foundation, has introduced new online courses for its various degree programs.


The French-American University faculty is made up of professors from around the world, teaching in English or French or Portuguese. The courses benefit not only students from the war-ravaged countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but also those from many other countries interested in its very popular programs. “Increasing access to higher education, especially in developing countries, has the potential to improve and save lives,” said Marcel Kasongo, President of the French-American University.


The French-American University offers online courses in a wide range of high demand Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D.’s degrees in the fields of Computer Science & Information Technology, Diplomacy & International Relations, and Business Administration and Management. Additional programs will be introduced in the very near future. “Prospective professors are advised to check the university website for the full list of courses as they also contain general and foundation courses that reach out to fields like Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics, Business Law, French, English, and Philosophy,”  said Dr. Ruben, Senior Academic Advisor, who obtained his Ph.D. from Ghent University in Belgium.

Online courses allow students to plan his studies around a work schedule. Courses are available 24 hours a day on the internet, and it’s possible to study from anywhere in the world. « Our online courses are a timely response to the concern and needs of numerous adults living in isolated regions around the world, or those whose jobs or family obligations prevent from attending classes in a university restricted to a classic course schedule,” Dr. Ruben explained. « For example, an African working in a European country can easily pay for his education by enrolling to courses taught by famous professors located in USA, Europe, Africa, or Japan without having to abandon his European job. » Today, most of the world renowned universities teach online.

At the French-American University, tuition is affordable, approximately US $720 ~ $2640 a year, depending on the student conditions or residency. Scholarships will be provided to approximately 85 students from each nation. President Marcel Kasongo said their University intends to help more adults obtain prestigious university degrees on a schedule that is most suitable for them and, at a cost they can afford. “The ultimate goal is to work towards equalizing or democratizing the world access to quality higher education so as to advance humanity itself.” Registrations are open today!

For information, contact Dr. Ruben:
Email:; Visit Website:
American University of Kinshasa Foundation           

1555 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA  02138 USA. 

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