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Niger : Etran Dinatawa
Etran Dinatawa

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Created: 23rd Jul 2008
Modified: 23rd Jul 2008
Traditional; Modern
Etran Finatawa combines the two rich cultures: Their songs are in two languages, tuareg language (tamasheck) and Wodaabe language (fulfulde). The band instrumentalizes the polyphonic songs of the wodaabe people by means of traditional percussion like calabashes and tende, a traditional tuareg drum. The rhythm is given by a guitar. The polyphonic choir of wodaabe singers gives a special note to their music. Hand clapping and the rich percussion leads the songs, invite to dance. Their melodies, their rhythms, their voices create a sound picture of the sahelian grasslands, the desert. Their songs talk about nomad's life, isolation and liberty, they talk about happy days, and love and festivities as well as about bad days, droughts, poverty and exode.

Recordings New CD "Desert crossroads"to be released in APRIL 2008 with world Music Network/Riverboat
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