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Namibia : "A Handful of Namibians" (2004)
"A Handful of Namibians" (2004)

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Created: 25th Jul 2008
Modified: 25th Jul 2008
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Traditional; Jazz/Blues; Popular
(various artists)
Christian Polloni, Producer
A Handful of Namibians showcases some of Namibia's most well-known and talented artists (N'gatu, Boli Mootseng, Emmanuel Karamazondo) accompanied by other musicians from all over the continent including the DRC's Papa Wemba.

  1. Shohela Oshaile shaya
  2. Afrika Tsela
  3. !Uri Piris
  4. Glorified
  5. Hanada Ka Ha Io
  6. Nhamo/Mbira 1
  7. Telela
  8. Mina Kupenda
  9. /Goasa
  10. Efeinge
  11. Unity
  12. Nyama Ye Ku Gocha/Mbira 2
  13. Gai!gomige
  14. Bounce To This
  15. Kasumba Kasamba
  16. Africa

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