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'Sweet Readings & Soul Songs'

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Created: 11th Oct 2009
Modified: 4th May 2010

Sweet Readings and Soul Songs (2009)

By Carole D. ZEBAZE


"Sweet Readings & Soul Songs" is an anthology of 122 old and new poems I have written over many years, in many places and at various seasons of my life. This book draws upon the author’s lifetime quest for identity and the triumphant return to the Creator who awaited her; the Father whose abiding and constant Love has, like a balm, healed the aches of her wounded soul. It deals with the universal conviction of the human heart for Meaning, Faith and grief. Down-to-earth and engaging, these poems are served to you ‘au naturel’. They provoke soul-searching, piercing the heart and yet enlightening the mind. What a reminder that we are not our own, that even the most asymptomatic of lives conceal a void only our Creator can wholly satiate. God formed us and sin flawed us, yet Christ His son was sent to transform us. “He reached from on High…He drew me out of many waters…He delivered me…from my strong enemy…because He delighted in me.” (Psalm 18: 16-21)


Born and raised in Cameroon Central Africa, the author graduated from Law School in her native land, moved to New York then Florida with her daughter. Through her testimony of personal triumph, her life is a display of God’s redemptive power. Her charge is to appeal to lost souls as she once was, in hope they too might share in His remarkable loving-kindness to the penitent. Carole’s life is the singular evidence that God’s mercies extend to ‘whosoever’ will reach up and receive them. Conveyed through these pages is a message that lasting liberty from spiritual, emotional and physical bondage is close at hand. One touch from the all-knowing Creator can heal every malignancy of your soul*

Book to be available also @ , AmazonKindle & Be tremendously blessed as you read it!

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