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Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini Zuma

South Africa

Minister of Home Affairs

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Created: 12th May 2009
Modified: 12th May 2009
Professional Information
Professional Areas:
Government, Government, Government, Government, Government
Government of South Africa
Minister of Home Affairs
Working primarily in:
South Africa

Biographical Information
Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini Zuma
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Jan/27/1949
Gender: female
Place of Origin: South Africa

Career/Memberships/Positions/Other Activities

    * Research Technician to Professor Adams, Medical School, University of Natal, Durban (1972).
    * House Officer, Surgery, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, England (1978 - 1979).
    * House Officer, Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital, Berkshire, England (1979 - 1980).
    * Medical Officer, Paediatrics, Mbabane Government Hospital, Swaziland (1980 - 1985).
    * Paediatric attachment, Wittington Hospital in England (1987- 1989).
    * African National Congress (ANC) Health Department, Lusaka, Zambia (1989 - 1990).
    * Research Scientist, Medical Research Council, Durban (1991 - 1994).
    * Minister of Health of the Republic of South Africa (1994 - 16 June 1999).
    * ANC Women's League Provincial Chairperson of Kwa-Zulu Natal (December 1997-May 2008)
    * President of the United Nations AIDS (UNAIDS) (1997)
    * Member of the ANC National Working Committee (NWC)(1998-2007)
    * Vice-President of the South African Student's Organisation (SASO ) (1976).
    * Chairperson of ANC Youth Section, Great Britain (1977 - 1978).
    * Vice-Chairperson of the Regional Political Committee of the ANC, Great Britain (1978 - 1988).
    * Chairperson of Regional Political Committee of the ANC, Great Britain (1988 - 1989).
    * Founder and Director, Health Refugee Trust (HEART), Health and Development Organisation, England (1988 - 1990).
    * Chairperson of the ANC Southern Natal Region Health Committee (1990 - 1992).
    * Member of the Executive Committee, Southern Natal Region of the ANC (1990 - 1993).
    * Chairperson of Southern Natal Region of the ANC Women's League (ANCWL).
    * Member of the ANC Health and Campaigns Committees.
    * Deputy Chairperson of the United Nations AIDS (UNAIDS) (1995).
    * Chancellor of the ML Sultan Technikon, Durban (1996).
    * Member of the Steering Committee, National Aids Co-Ordinating Committee of South Africa (1992).
    * Trustee of Health Systems Trust (1992).
    * Member of the Board, Centre for Social Development Studies, University of Natal, Durban (1992).
    * Elected President of the United Nations World Conference Against Racism (WCAR).
    * President of the Ministers' Council for the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD).
    * Former Chairperson of the African Union (AU) Executive Council of Ministers, during South Africa's tenures as AU Chairperson.
    * Member of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Local Organising Committe (2007).
    * Commissioner for the Socialist International (2007).
    * Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Africa (17 June 1999 - 10 May 2009).


    * Honorary Doctorate of Law from University of Natal (1995).
    * Honorary Doctorate of Law from University of Bristol (1996).
    * Doctor of Medicine degree (Honoris Causa)from University of Transkei (1997).
    * Honorary Degree from MEDUNSA (1999)
    * Tobacco Free World Award (WHO) (17 May 1999)
    * Women who make a difference Award from International Women's Forum (IWF) (2002)
    * Tribute Achievers Awards: Premium Award on NEPAD from Tribute Magazine (2002)
    * Grand Maitre de L'orde National (Orde National du Mali) of the Republic of Mali (07 May 2002)
    * Stateswomen of the year Award from BBQ (2004)
    * The Order of Peter the Great: First Class, Russian Federation (11 July 2005)
    * Honorary Professor of the Belarusian State University (2007)
    * Huesped Illustre de la Cuidad de la Habana (Illustrious Guest of Havana City) decoration, Cuba
    * Huesped Illustre de la Cuidad de la Santiago (Illustrious Guest of Santiago) decoration, Chile.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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