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Twisted Earth

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Created: 25th Oct 2011
Modified: 25th Oct 2011
Master Brent

The Compendium Trilogy: Twisted Earth

By Master Brent

An old war wages still, vicious and cold-blooded. Every renewed battle brings more genocidal loss and tragic pain. One side has been losing slowly, right from the start.

The battle between the earthly pagan powers and the massing One God is coming to a close, because the end was prophesied by God, and the pagan gods search frantically for some way to survive.

"A long time ago there were only the pagan gods, the earthly ones, strong in the hearts of their people, until a new power began to grow; it's following spreading like wildfire. It's wars and struggles devoured the minds of most before them, and soon, few pagan gods remained strong, and those that did, stuggle to hold on. The One grows as the pagans dwindle, and they need to stop that," said Gage.

"Now the old gods have found a way to complete their plans, and they have turned the very weapon the angels created on them."

Miri Hallowel and her baby brother are taken from their fearful existence on the streets and thrust into the middle of a war they were born to be a part of. The pagan gods will use Miri's incredible powers as a weapon of mass destruction - they've finally found a way to win, after millennia of losing.

Will Miri find the strength to refuse the manipulations of the old gods, under the guidance of Gage? Or will she succumb, and wipe the One God, her creator, and His billions of worshippers from the earth forever?

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Reach Publishers, Durban, South Africa