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Kenya : Culture And Customs Of Kenya (2003)
Culture And Customs Of Kenya (2003)
Culture And Customs Of Kenya (2003)

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Created: 7th May 2007
Modified: 4th Sep 2008
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Neal Sobania
Greenwood Press

Culture and Customs of Kenya (Non-Fiction)
by Neal Sobania
Greenwood Press (June 30, 2003) USD$55.00/GB£31.95

This book presents the contemporary reality of life in Kenya, an important East-African nation that has served as a crossroads for peoples and cultures from Africa, the Middle East, and East Asia for centuries. Chapters on the land, people, and history; religion and world view; literature, film, and media; art and architecture; cuisine and traditional dress; gender roles, marriage, and family; and social customs and lifestyle are up to date and written by a country expert. A chronology, glossary, and numerous photos enhance the narrative.

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