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ResearchTour Cameroon
ResearchTour Cameroon

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Created: 7th Apr 2009
Modified: 7th Apr 2009
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Tours; Science
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Dedicated to promoting all kinds of research in Cameroon, ResearchTour provides practical assistance to researchers and research projects, supports the organising of conferences, promotes intellectual survival expeditions, and provides translation and interpretation services.

We help collect and analyse data for researcher projects, build geo-databases and provide GIS services, help in the management of conferences from conception, implementation to closedown. We also organise and manage science-driven expeditions and have the biggest repository of qualified and certified translators and interpreters in Africa.

Contact Information
For more information about ResearchTour Cameroon, please send an email in the first instance to Ivo Ngome at or to reception at You can also visit our website
+237 74 16 52 16

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