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Beni Abbes
Beni Abbes
Beni Abbes

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Created: 28th Aug 2007
Modified: 4th Sep 2008
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Wildlife; Other; Tours
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This town is very remote, isolated, and out of the way. But it is well worth a visit, especially if you have time to spare to mingle with local people and take advantage of the slow-paced lifestyle of the region. The spring water there is very sweet and delicious, but travelers should only drink it in purified, bottle form. Find a guide to take a tour through the oases area, and try to sample lots of fresh fruits straight from the plants (with permission).

Contact Information
Beni Abbes
Southern Algeria
*****Please keep in mind that travel in Algeria is very dangerous at this time and not recommended for anyone who lacks experience in the region. Anyone going to the country should exerciser extreme caution and consult the US State Department site on Algeria before leaving for up-to-date information on the situation there*****

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