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James Alix Michel


Current President of Seychelles

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Created: 4th Mar 2008
Modified: 14th Jul 2008
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James Alix Michel
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Gender: male
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Place of Origin: Seychelles
James Alix Michel is a politician seychellois. He has been President-in-Office since April 14, 2004. Michel began his professional life as a teacher but in helping to facilitate the opening up of the archipelago to tourism after the construction of an international airport with Mahé in 1971, he reconverted himself to politics. In 1996, Michel was named vice-president to France-Albert Rene and on April 14, 2004, he succeeded him

Michel integrated Seychelles People'S United Party (Left popular plain seychellois) of France-Albert Rene little before the independence of June 29, 1976. Michel remains in the shade of Rene throughout his political career. After the peaceful coup d'etat which carried Albert Rene to the capacity on June 5, 1977, Michel occupied the ministerial stations most important, like the economy. Michel also tries to promote and set up a more open democracy.

In 1993, the first multi-partite elections was helded Rene's presidency. The results of this democratization process have been widely contested: the press remains controlled and according to the opposition, the elections have probably been faked at least a little.

Michel, candidate of the Face progressist of the people of Seychelles was re-elected at the time of the first turn of the presidential elections of July 30, 2006 with approximately 54 % of the 56 000 votes cast, against 46 % with his principal opponent, the priest Anglican of the SNP Wavel Ramkalawan and approximately 0,6 % with the lawyer Philippe Boulle.

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