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Mozambique : Manjar dos Deuses
Manjar dos Deuses
Manjar dos Deuses

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Created: 31st Aug 2007
Modified: 4th Sep 2008
50% expensive

Contact Information
162 Av. Julius Nyerere
49 - 6834


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Author: Diner - not impressed
Tue Jun 8 10:44:52 2010

Manjar dos Deuses is a very nice restaurant.

However, the waitresses are mostly incompetent and can't tell you much about the food that is on the menu. They seem terrified of the Portuguese manager, and unhappy and hesitant in their work.

Beware of the all little dishes that they put on the table - the olives, bread and butter and other things. The management does not tell you that you will end up paying heavily for them when the bill arrives.

Vegetarians have a very difficult time in this restaurant - there's virtually nothing to eat.

The paella is listed… [Read Full Text]

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