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Schwarzenegger Mafarachisi

South Africa

A young talented singer,songwriter and producer. He is in a duo mainly based in the Dance genre but also expanded into other genres as well.

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Created: 15th Jun 2012
Modified: 16th Jun 2012
Professional Information
Broken Records

Description of Work:

He produces their our own music under his label Broken Records Zimbabwe. It's their time to take over the world

Biographical Information
Schwarzenegger Mafarachisi
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Jul/3/1987
Gender: male
Website: http://www.rev...
Place of Origin: Zimbabwe

Schwarzenegger Mafarachisi also known as 5qua5h (Squash) in his circles. He is a young Zimbabwean singer/songwriter/producer showed a growing passion for art and music from an early age. As a student, at Fort Hare University, he writes songs, creates beats even though he is still frustrated from falling to get a recording deal and sponsorship.

He went to David Livingstone Memorial were he joined an acappella group called Harmony Brothers, which had the likes of Mkhululi Bhebhe who sings with Joyous Celebration.

His  musical journey had begun. At university he got to be part of “Fort Hare at her Best” (FOHAHEBE) an initiative for promoting talent at Fort Hare University. In 2010 he was elected the president of (FOHAHEBE). He has no theoretical musical background but has done some research and reading his own, with the assistance of the likes of Gary Ndlovu ( and learnt how to use music software.


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