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Benjamin Sanvee

Benjamin Sanvee is the founder and Chairman of NuVsionPAC, a non-profit youth movement that empowers Africa's youth to create socio-political and economic change through grassroots mobilization.

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Created: 28th Apr 2010
Modified: 28th Apr 2010
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NuVsionPAC works to encourage the grassroots participation of Africa’s youth in the socio-political process by five strategic means:


  • Organize:  NuVsionPAC works to consolidate the socio-political and intellectual capital of Africa’s youth to become stakeholders of their future through a peaceful non-partisan approach. We also organize young professional Africans in the Diaspora along with friends of Africa in an interactive atmosphere through conferences, debates, workshops, and social networking to encourage dialogue about compelling issues facing the African Continent. 

  • Educate: NuVsionPAC educates stakeholders in the political process via civic action, voter education, and grassroots outreach to enhance their political and social consciousness. 

  • Advocate:  NuVsionPAC empowers Young Africans to become advocates for solutions to issues affecting their communities by actively engaging their peers, leaders, and policy makers. 

  • Implement:  NuVsionPAC supports Young Africans instituting socio-political change from the bottom up, by implementing programs and initiatives that have a positive impact at local and national levels.

  • Collaborate: NuVsionPAC forms partnerships at local, national, and international levels to build a bridge of cooperation between young leaders in Africa and friends of Africa.

Biographical Information
Benjamin Sanvee
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Aug/18/1981
Gender: male
Website: http://www.nuv...
Place of Origin: Liberia

Benjamin gained national prominence in his native Liberia when he delivered what was described as one of the most inspirational speeches at the National Conference on the Future of Liberia in 1998. At the conclusion of the conference, with a unanimous consensus from his peers, Benjamin was appointed by the President of Liberia to serve as the youth advisor to the government at the age of 17. He served in this capacity for one year prior to his departure to the United States to pursue his academic studies.
With this portfolio came its challenges and triumphs. Being, the lonely voice in the midst of a bureaucratic system long design to pursue dominance, Benjamin had his eyes set on the youth agenda. He was successful in finally bringing to the center stage of national politics the plights of Liberian youths. He worked with youth organizations nationally and coordinated with the appropriate agencies of the government to implement programs from scholarships to HIV/AIDS awareness. He has proudly represented Liberia at numerous conferences where he sought to bring the world’s attention to the plights of Liberians. 
Mr. Sanvee currently serves on the Board of Directors of The Evolution Foundation, a nonprofit organization he co-founded in 2003, to focus on the educational and social challenges facing young people across the continent of Africa. He’s a devout Christian.

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