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Ahmed Abdallah M Sambi


Popularly known as "Ayatollah," Comorian Islamic leader is now the current President of Comoros.

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Created: 24th Jun 2008
Modified: 24th Jun 2008
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On May 14, 2006 Sambi won the presidental election with 58% of the national vote. He is the first president from the island of Anjouan. Sambi was declared the victor of the presidental election defeating retired French airforce officer Mohamed Djaanfari and long time politician Ibrahim Halidi, whose campaign was backed by outgoing President Azaki Assoumani. On May 26, 2006 Sambi was inaugurated as President. It was the first peaceful transfer of power after a history of coups in Comoros. Sambi, a charasmatic speaker, was seen as a newcomer to politics therefore untainted by corruption. He has promised to fight corruption, create jobs and build better houses for the majority of Comorians living in poverty.
Biographical Information
Ahmed Abdallah M Sambi
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Jun/5/1958
Gender: male
Interests: Basketball
Place of Origin: Comoros
Sambi was born in 1958 in Mutsamudu, Anjouan Island, Comoros. A Sunni Muslim, Sambi was educated in Islamic political theory in Iran, Sudan and later Saudi Arabia. His title "Ayatollah" comes from his studies in Iran. Before entering politics Sambi was a business man. He owns factories that produce mattresses, bottled water and perfume- a key Comoros export.

Sambi is the father of seven children and lives above a called The House of Mattresses in the Anjouan capital, Mutsamudu.

Sambi set up a television station called Ulezi (education).


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