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Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe


Robert Mugabe is the President of Zimbabwe.

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Created: 7th Mar 2008
Modified: 20th Feb 2012
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Government of Zimbabwe

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Smith arrested Mugabe in 1964. Mugabe spent the next ten years in prison, earning there three of his seven university degrees.

After his release, he took control of Zanu, and led its militant wing from Mozambique. He played an important role in the talks which produced the Lancaster House Agreement, signed in 1979, which ended the discriminatory regime of Smith and resulted in majority rule in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe's first election in 1980, Zanu won an overwhelming victory, taking 57 of 80 seats in the new parliament, and Mugabe became Prime Minister.

His main political competitor was Joshua Nkomo, the leader of the Zimbabwe African People's Union (Zapu), who was enormously popular in the Matabeleland region of Southern Zimbabwe. Nkomo served in the cabinet of a coalition government until 1983 when Mugabe fired him, triggering a conflict in the country.

Thousands died in conflict in Matabeleland in the early 1980s.  Both Mugabe and the Zimbabwean army have been accused of serious human rights abuses. In 1988, Zapu and Zanu merged to form the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF), and Zimbabwe effectively became an one-party state for the next decade.

In 1987, Mugabe became president when the office of prime minister was abolished.

Zimbabwe's economy grew steadily throughout the 1990s, but there were hints of problems ahead. The International Monetary Fund was concerned with the slow pace of reform, and the World Bank predicted major problems in the health care sector.

In 2000, Mugabe lost a constitutional referendum that would have strengthened his hold on power. However, parliament nevertheless passed an amendment implementing the changes rejected by voters

Zimbabwe's economy has plummeted in recent years. Many farms have been seized by the government, farm workers have been chased off the land and agricultural production has fallen. The country that was once the bread basket of southern Africa now relies on food aid from the World Food Programme to feed its people. The country faces run-away inflation and about nine in 10 Zimbabweans are unemployed.

Mugabe faced a serious challenge from Morgan Tsvangirai, a trade unionist and leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in the 2002 presidential election. Mugabe won with 56 percent to Tsvangirai's 42 percent of the vote, but the campaign was characterized by widespread violence and observers overwhelmingly described the election as unfair.

Mugabe is accused of widespread human rights abuses, autocratic rule, and mismanagement of the economy. The United States and European Union have banned Mugabe and his associates from travelling in their countries, although he is still occasionally allowed to travel to attend international meetings.

In the March 2008 election, Mugabe again faced opposition from Morgan Tsvangirai, but in narrowly loosing a majority of the vote in an again widely disputed election, Tsvangirai was forced into a runoff election.  After a widespread campaign of violence against, Tsvangirai dropped out of the runoff, effectively giving Mugabe the presidency for another term.

Biographical Information
Robert Mugabe
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Feb/21/1924
  City: Harare
Place of Origin: Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe has served as head of state in Zimbabwe since independence in 1980. His rise in Zimbabwean politics was the result of the prominent role he played in the Zimbabwe African National Union (Zanu) in the guerrilla war against the white minority government.

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Robert Mugabe is the President of Zimbabwe.

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Author: kingswood
Sun Sep 28 08:09:46 2008

To re construct ZimbabweÂ’s Agriculture she must look East from where the sun rises, and not to the Darkness from where the sun sets. Zimbabwe must use the Asian Agriculture module where it puts the people directly on the land Asia with its all inclusive system has shown the world how to feed its teeming billions Africa can learn noting from the West but how to exploit itself The East will teach Africa how to cooperate with itself,

Author: mabhiza
Wed Jun 17 15:29:58 2009

President Robert Gabriel Mugabe is the Head of state, Head of Government, The supreme commander in chief of the defence forces of zimbabwe..African liberation, revolutionary hero..Reknowned fighter against white supremacists,imperialism and colonialism..Standing ovations after standing ovations for the legendary pan africanist..All african leaders will salute the icon at the AU summit in july..

Author: afric35
Wed Jun 17 16:45:07 2009

mabhiza maybe a standing ovation by the Zanu-pf and you but outside of that that are no stand ovations for Mugabe. If he makes it to July well you are right he may get a standing ovation from their backsides (behinds))........

Author: mabhiza
Wed Jun 17 19:00:36 2009

What's really your problem Afric35[Euro35] when it comes to President Mugabe's popularity??..You just can't stomach the absolute fact that after a decade of a spirited campaign by the likes of u and your Western regimes against Cde Mugabe ,he is sill a widely respected figure in the African continent..You know what Euro35, you have to understand that after years of demonisation and propaganda towards an african hero by the racist media like bbc,cnn,sky news,fox tv,cbs,then comes a time when the propaganda starts faltering and it will be doing the opposite of what it's meant to achieve..Right now, western media… [Read Full Text]

Author: afric35
Thu Jun 18 06:24:56 2009

mabhiza for starters shut up with the Euro35 crap because I am not not from Europe... It is not only the West who dislikes Mugabe there are are plenty of Africans who dislike him just as much as well as Asians. There are plenty of people who do not like him in his own country.

The Western Media is propaganda to you because they do not portray Mugabe as a here like the Herald and people like you do it is not they are lying.... Just because Mugabe liberated Zimbabwe that does does not make him a… [Read Full Text]

Author: mabhiza
Thu Jun 18 09:55:04 2009

Afric35[EURO35]/[AMERIC35],This is the kind of arrogance i was talking about earlier on,your continued refusal to accept Cde Mugabe's popularity despite the facts that re now emerging on the ground..Afric35, u said it yourself that Cde Mugabe liberated Zimbabwe[from your white oppression]..African leaders don't fear Cde Mugabe, they respect him even if they're threatened with cutting off of budgetary support by western governments..African leaders respect and sympathise with him becoz they understand what it's like to be in his shoes..Earlier on, i said that more and more africans are realising that they were manipulated by racist western media and propaganda,meaning that… [Read Full Text]

Author: afric35
Thu Jun 18 10:40:16 2009

mabhiza the only arrogant one here is you and you stink at that and by the way my origins is simple I am a Native American Indian so stop your hatred toward anyone that has white skin or they are from there so then you hate them. That would be like me hating all black Americans which I do not unlike you I have many Black friends and we agree about Mugabe not be loyal to him because of his skin color. You work for Mugabe and the Zanu-pf so you have to say all of this I understand… [Read Full Text]

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