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Aristides Pereira

Cape Verde

Aristides Maria Pereira (born in the island of Boa Vista, November 17, 1923) was the president of Cape Verde from 1975 to 1991.

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Created: 4th Mar 2008
Modified: 4th Mar 2008
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Aristides Maria Pereira, born in 1924, was a president of Cape Verde in 1975 to 1991, under a communist mode. It occupied for the premiere time the post of chief of telecommunications in Guinea-Bissau, then Portuguese colony as well as Cape Verde. As of the end of 1940, and he was a member within anti-colonial movement and became leaders of the African Party for the independence of the Guinea-Bissau and Ccape Verde (PAIGC) to the dimensions of Cabral.

Pereira had initially promised to quickly introduce the democracy in Cape Verde, it repressed the opposition after the inversion of Luís Cabral, president of Guinée-Bissau and his ally in the project of unification of the two Portuguese-speaking States. However, the situation of the human rights to Cape Verde remained one of best of West Africa and the delegation of powers at the committees local citizens allowed a beginning of democratization.

Repression decreased gradually but the PAICV, resulting from the partition from with the PAIGC, remained single party until the fall of the communist bloc in 1990. Non-aligned country during the Cold war, Ccape Verde de Pereira sought to support the farming community in its economic reforms. Its alliances of the time with China and Libya were criticized. Worse Pedro, the current president, were a Prime Minister under Pereira. Pereira lost the presidential elections of 1991 against António Mascarenhas Monteiro.
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Aristides Pereira
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Interests: Telecommunications
Place of Origin: Cape Verde

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