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Rabiatou Diallo


Rabiatou Diallo is the leader of an influential union in Guinea.

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Created: 17th Feb 2008
Modified: 18th Feb 2008
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Civil Service
Secretary General, CNTG
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Hadja Rabiatou Serah "Rabi" Diallo is a union leader from Guinea.

She is one of the most influential members of Guinean social and political life today as she has been, along with her male colleagues, at the forefront of resistance against the repressive tendencies of President Lansana Conte.

Rabi Diallo is a native of Mamou, a town 300 kilometers west of Conakry. After graduation in the early years of the Republic she worked as secretary for Guinea's first president, Sekou Toure.

She also worked as secretary for Boubacar Telli Diallo, one of the key figures behind the founding of the Organization of African Unity (he was OAU's first Secretary).

In January 2007 Rabi Diallo took a bullet in the leg after the army opened fire on protesters during massive rallies against the regime. Upon learning this, one of her sisters fell in a coma that ultimately took her life.

Rabi Diallo's determination and strong leadership forced President Conte to agree to devolve some of his executive powers to a consensus prime minister--Lansana Kouyate.

In addition to her six children, Rabi also takes care of her deceased sister's seven kids.
Biographical Information
Rabiatou Diallo
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  City: Conakry
Place of Origin: Guinea

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