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Mission Statement
Our Mission is to alleviate poverty and empower poor rural communities through economic and social programs. We stand to change the lives of individual and families in the poorest communities in Kenya by promoting initiatives and sustainable development solutions which advocates facilitating lasting change, Strengthening development capacity for self help, providing economic, social opportunities and relief to the poor. We seek a life of hope, dignity, better life and tolerance for all; where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security.

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HeadQuarters: Box 10958-00400 Nairobi, Kenya
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R.H.D-Kenya is a national, non- governmental, non-religious and non-political Organization based in Kisumu City. R.H.D-Kenya was founded in August 2010 after the expansion of the service need by the previous Women of Action Community Organization (WACO) which was by then operating as a (CBO) in Nyakach.  From then, the organization name was changed and registered under the NGO co-ordination ACT of Kenya as Resource Hub for Development (R.H.D)-Kenya and its geographical area of focus expanded to cover all the poor, marginalized rural regions of Kenya.

The organization major projects involve; Health care, Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH), Education, Agriculture, Environmental Management and Energy conservation, Housing and Settlement, HIV/Aids, Information, Micro-finance, Relief, Youth and Women Empowerment , Social and Cultural Programs -Peace  building, Population and Reproductive health and welfare.

R.H.D-Kenya works with the poorest of the poor marginalized, isolated rural communities nationwide to identify and solve core problems.

R.H.D-Kenya aims to build confidence, raise self-esteem and empower poor rural communities we work with to participate fully in their own affair and decision making to facilitate community based projects. This is aimed to exploit the natural and human resources available in the region whist sustaining and improving the environment for the benefit of the habitants. The organization has worked tirelessly to bring together the local communities with their expertise and experience and the development agencies with their resource to confront ignorance, diseases, poor livestock husbandry, environmental degradation and the resultant poverty and backwardness.                                                        

R.H.D-Kenya forms the basis for networking with other civil society organization both at the Local and international level to create a resource centre and a forum for discussion; exchange ideas on problems affecting the marginalized, poor rural communities. While also Integrate the existing projects for improvement on proper healthcare and the living standards towards self-employment opportunities and initiate food self-sufficiency strategies and funding.

Our main office is in Kisumu ,and our priority of operation are Nyanza Region,Rift Valley Region, Central Region, North Eastern Region, Coastal Region and Eastern Region. We have also started establishing branch offices in some regions to enhance our operation


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