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South Africa : Independent Democrats

Mission Statement
The Independent Democrats are a South African political party, formed by former Pan Africanist Congress member Patricia de Lille in 2003 via floor crossing legislation.The ID claims a signed-up membership of 13,000. The party's platform is basically populist and anti-corruption, with a mixture of right-liberal proposals and left-wing sensibilities.

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HeadQuarters: Head Office: Tel: +2721 403 8696 Fax: +2721 403 2350 Email: Email: Partrica DeLille at
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Independent Democrats

Organization Details

Le Lille gained support for the party with her campaign slogan "Back to Basics" and with her pledge to help end corruption in the governement. Although the party polices are centrist they stand with the ANC on the economy, health and jobs, although De Lille herself differs on the issues concerning HIV/AIDS.

"We are not going to be branded communist, socialist or capitalist. We are going to be constitutionalists," De Lille said at the party's launch.

LeLille became the first to expose the multi-million rand arms deal, which defines their continuous pledge to battle corruption. In addition the Independent Democracts has stood for the rights of communities that have been damaged by inconsiderate government policies, such as the fishing industry and rural communities.

A surevey taken in 2004 found that Be Lille was the most trusted politician among coloured voters and was second favorite in the white and Indian communities.

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