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Freddy Will - Dark Horse From Romarong ...a city of kings (Sierra Leone 2010)
Freddy Will - Dark Horse From Romarong ...a city of kings (Sierra Leone 2010)
Photography by: Sai Kit Chu

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Created: 18th Oct 2010
Modified: 18th Oct 2010
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Double K Records/GBDist


Dark Horse From Romarong...City Of Kings

After the release of Freddy Will’s debut album entitled ‘While I’m Still Young – The Talking Drums’ 1.2v featuring cutting edge music production by JUNO Award winner Eddie Bullen and underground crossover producer Stephen Stadelmann.

Comes Freddy’s second CD Dark Horse From Romarong...City Of Kings

The album contains hit singles: Endurance, Promise, International, Temperature, Athens of West Africa, Angel, Ends Meet, and Save, - feat. Carvin Winans.

This album was launched via: FREDDY WILL INDUSTRIES/(GBE), distributed by DOUBLE K RECORDS and GBE.Dist.

It was released on October 10th, 2010.

ALSO... the album is released with his second book entitled:

Dark Road From Romarong

A non-fiction literary about the history of Romarong which translates the lyrics on ‘Dark Horse From Romarong... a city of kings’from the Creole/Krio language of Sierra Leone into English. This accompanying book explains West African history and how Sierra Leone came to be.


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