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Cape Verde (2004)
Cape Verde (2004)
Cape Verde

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Created: 21st Jul 2008
Modified: 21st Jul 2008
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Cape Verde
Putumayo World Music
1. Chico Malandro - Ana Firmino/Tito Paris
2. Cumba Ietu - Boy Ge Mendes
3. Pays Sol - Nana Matias
4. Nha Fe - Teofilo Chantre
5. Cabo Berde Manda Mantenha - Cesaria Evora
6. Cabinda a Cunene - Bana
7. Sol Na Tchada - Maria Alice
8. Injuria - Jose "Zeca" Neves
9. Cinderela - Fantcha
10. Tchon di Massa Pe - Zeca Di Nha Reinalda/Joao Cirilio/Blick Tchutchy
11. Nha Cumpadre Fausthine - Dulce Matias
12. Galo Bedjo - Djurumani

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