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Rwanda : Culture and Customs of Rwanda (2007)
Culture and Customs of Rwanda (2007)
Culture and Customs of Rwanda (2007)

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Created: 11th Jun 2007
Modified: 4th Sep 2008
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Julius O. Adekunle
Greenwood Press

Culture and Customs of Rwanda (2007)

By Julius O. Adekunle

Greenwood Press

This volume exposes Western readers to the fuller picture of Rwanda. Early European travelers attested to Rwanda's beauty, describing it as "the Switzerland of Africa".The spectacular volcanoes, mountains and natural resources are significant assets. The nation was dominated by two colonial powers, the Germans and Belgians. In spite of  political upheaval and acts of ethnic violence, Rwanda remains a country with rich culture and customs. Readers will learn that living together in harmony has been part of the Rwandan society.

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