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Mali : Mali's Shea Butter

Mission Statement
The purpose of our company is to make Shea Butter. Shea butter is extracted from shea nuts. Shea butter is used for body, hand and facial products because of its unsaponifiables content. Shea butter contains ester resins recommended for damaged skin repair, cleansing and the sun's protection. Phytosterols content helps cellular stimulation and regeneration. Shea butter contains latex, which prevents against sun allergies. Clinical studies have demonstrated that sea butter enhances capillary vessels blood activity, increasing oxygenation and metabolic residues elimination.
HeadQuarters: Bakodjicoroni Golf BP:19 Mali-bko/ Contact:Miss Batourou Keita at 917-714-0229 Address:1191 park place,Brooklyn,NY,11213.
Organization Contacts
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Organization Details

We have opened a business in Mali. Our mission is to bring you the richest, softest, best smelling Shea Butter to you. We use only the best Shea Butter possible to ensure freshness and purity.We whipped our Shea Butter till it's as soft as souffle to be easily applied to the skin.

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