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Bunmi Jinadu

United States

My commitment to corporate citizenship includes a company wide initiative to foster diversity in our market place and in the public forum of entertainment.

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Created: 11th Nov 2012
Modified: 11th Nov 2012
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United Sounds of Africa

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Biographical Information
Bunmi Jinadu
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Mar/31/1972
Gender: male
  City: GA
Tel: +16787899007
Website: http://www.uni...
Place of Origin: Africa

Global humanitarian and innovative businessman,
Bunmi Jinadu devotes his entire self to giving back to
the community. As the founder and president of
Interglobe Entertainment Group and United Sounds of Africa (U.S.A)., Bunmi is forging ahead and
entering as a global force into the Africa market.
Born in Nigeria and schooled at Prior Park Prep School in England, Jinadu had an
opportunity to see many parts of the world at a young age. And with his energetic
spirit and thirst for opportunity, he moved to the US in 1996 after attending the Paul
Valery University in Montpelier, France. It was during his first year in the states that
Bunmi formed the beginnings of his global enterprise, Interglobe Concepts. He
then sought out work and experience in a variety of industries, including fashion. His
passion and eye for fashion developed at a young age, an interest he attributes to
his mother who was an interior designer. During this time as a wardrobe consultant
for Neiman Marcus and working with Versace, Jinadu was able to add celebrities
including P.Diddy, Wyclef Jean and Akon to his client list. He also worked with one
of Carnegie Hall’s most historic events featuring Giorgio Armani and Wyclef Jean
and hosting celebrities such as Destiny’s Child, City High and Beyonce.
After working with these fashion clients, Jinadu went on to partner and retrain such
corporate clients such as KAPPA USA/EUROPE, Fashion Group USA and Parasuco
Jeans among others. In 2005, he began working with the Fugees for their Reunion
tour. Continuing to work with Lauryn Hill, Bunmi encouraged Ms. Hill to go on tour
in 2007. Despite of past challenges Lauryn Hill had faced, she rediscovered her
passion for music on this Rehabilitation Tour.
Jinadu, who still works with Hill as her management liason, was himself inspired
by Lauryn’s newfound fire. Her drive and passion served as an additional source
of inspiration for finding his unborn self. “I wanted to duplicate my discovery to
people that have not discovered their unborn self,” Jinadu says. “I want to work
with the underdogs and the less privileged.” And to this day, that is exactly what he
does. Coming from a church background, mother and grandfather were preachers,
Bunmi decided to “continue a legacy where I give back to the community.” T,hus,
in 2003 Licensed2Heal, a nonprofit organization seeking to alleviate poverty through
empowering African communities, was born.
Stemming from his love of music and sports, two things he refers to as a universal
language between Africa and US and rich and poor, Jinadu has launched Music Mix

Africa. This monthly series is a cultural exchange that brings US R&B artist to West
Africa. He chooses the musicians, such as the first one Lloyd, based on their similar
backgrounds and their desire to address the world their lyrics.
Particularly close to Bunmi’s heart, the series is a first step in bridging the gap
between the two cultures. His purpose through Interglobe and Licensed2Heal is
to help those in need and show them “we haven’t forgotten our roots. I came from
those same communities and villages in Africa, with no water and light, and by
chance was given the window of opportunity.”
He plans to achieve this purpose through arts, sports and music. His current step
into the emerging economy and class of West Africa is proof. Managing personal
branding of soccer legend Samson Siasia and his clothing line SiaOne as well as
bringing US artists to their forum, he is showing the world that “arts and issues can
commingle rather than be segregated as improper strangers.”
Next up for Bunmi Jinadu will be Interglobe Film, Media and Talent, all designed for
a positive impact and giving back to his Motherland. For right now, he continues to
plant seeds through events and projects both individually and collectively.
“I am, you are, we are, licensed 2 heal…”
- Bunmi Jinadu




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