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Ahmad Abubakar Aliyu
Ahmad Abubakar Aliyu


Attended Ma'ahad and Thanawiyyatu Sheikh Ahmad Abulfathi schools at Maiduguri, had advanced diploma in education then acquired B.SC Information Systems in IUA, Khartoum.

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Created: 28th Jul 2011
Modified: 15th Oct 2012
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African Youth Development Congress
Programs Coodinator
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Conducting personal development and personnel enhancement programs in conjuction with NGOs. The trainnees are mostly Africans and students of IUA from variouse African countries.

Biographical Information
Ahmad Abubakar Aliyu
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Sep/4/1984
Gender: male
  No 7tb jos, Plateau State
  No. 259 kwarbai, Zaria, Kaduna
  City: Zaria City, Kaduna, Nigeria
Tel: 00249924649942
Website: http://www.aji...
Place of Origin: Nigeria

I write as a Nigerian youth who experience the Nigerian situation. However, it is very difficult to trace the origin of the problems we face today or I should rather say it’s more intricate than the way one may think. To administer or govern a country like Nigeria is something a person cannot just predict.

Do we realize that neglecting the most important aspect of development in every society which is generating well standardized knowledge and education to the society is one of the origins of Nigerian current situation? Education is the stamina of any achievement or development. The leaders that lead, the engineers, the military, lawyers, mechanics, electricians, doctors, famers, veterinary and agriculture and of course the teachers and lectures just to mention a few, should all be the outcome of education, and those are what a society is comprise of.

Tell me how those specialties can affect a society if their educational background is deficient? How can we face our current and future challenges? How can we protect our environment and empower unity without good problem solving skills and critical thinking. How can we fight poverty and hunger and diseases? How can we fight crime and corruption, militancy and improve our economy to its optimum?

We know our learning and general educational system in Nigeria is not encouraging, right from kindergarten to the university level. Many or most governmental schools here in Nigeria are ruined with no equipment, qualified teachers and encouraging study environment. Our universities in Nigeria are retarding due to strike and lack of updates in the system to the extent that they are no longer among the better African universities.

    Everybody in this country has responsibilities and task to carry out if we are to change the situation. Government must work hard, build and maintain schools and make sure that the schools are up to standard with teachers are competent. Teachers should improve their skills in other to pass the appropriate education to the children as well as inspiring and pushing them academically. Parents should make sure that their children stay on track, help them do their assignment and not spend most of their time on TV.

One thing that we ignore is the responsibilities of those children. Each and every child has something to offer to develop the country. Everyone has something he is good at and this is where the school can help. Help the child figure out what he is good at and then help guide, push and inspire him to develop his skills which will help in advance development. This is exactly what the developed nations do and this is what determines the future of every country, and not exhausting energy and resources on globalization which I see as sabotage to our countries in Africa.

How can a country like Nigeria that suffers from insecurity, lack of proper education and infrastructure, lack of even the technology proper understanding can compete with a country like England or America? This is what globalization is about.

They define globalization as the emergence of a global society in which economic, political, environmental, and cultural events in one part of the world quickly come to have significance for people in other parts of the world. But Globalization is the result of advances in communication, transportation, and information technologies. It describes the growing economic, political, technological, and cultural linkages that connect individuals, communities, businesses, and governments around the world.  Tell me how Nigeria can be indulged deeply into those participations.

How about a little effort in generating power, water supply, educational transformation, proper hospitals with good free or low price medicine? How about the security of the nation and its unity?

How about youth’s rehabilitation and grooming in a way they can benefit the country and avoid having militants among Nigerian youths that threaten the peace and tranquility of the country? We witness the Niger Delta tragedy and now Boko Haram after Kaduna and Jos crisis. Splitting the country is also a subject of discussion now. All these are the consequences of lack of justice in government, and only justice, sincerity, honesty, commitment, ethical and professional value can solve those problems.

 The importance of the education which is in jeopardy in Nigeria is not something vague. Many people in Nigeria have the belief that the leaders and the elite do not want ordinary people to learn and compete with them in the government. Will that really happen if there is justice? Go around the world and see how Nigerians are trying to study everywhere and they mostly outnumber most of the countries in most university around the world. Is this because that we are too much in number or because we lack enough schools? Is the population really the problem? What of China, America, Russia or even India?

I will conclude by asking; are we going to let our problems and failure define us, or we should let them teach us? Do we still have the chance and resources but we lack sincerity and commitment, good leadership and responsibility acceptance by all while we have young people with overwhelming talent in every aspect? Should we continue to blame the government and the government alone while we help cascade those problems? Are those people that govern the country the byproduct of our societies or aliens from another world?




Executed Many trainning with Humanitarian Aid and Development Organization, Sudan National Aids program, Afro-Arab youths council and African Organization for Humanitarian Development.


Speach on youtube on Nigerian golden jubilee ceremony at khartoum

Other Accomplishments:

President Nigerian English Club 2009 to 2011

programs coodinator AYDC to date



"The Impact of e-business project management on organizational success" a research for acquiring bachelor of science, Gugar Zan Rubutattun Wakoki na Ahmad Abubakar Aliyu and Songs of Wisdom.



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