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Abdul Salam shaik
Abdul Salam shaik

I am from India (but away from India last 30 yrs except on holidays )i worked in many countries, dubai, kenya, tanzania, suriname, Jamaica and now in Trinidad ( west Indies ) .I worked many years for coca cola company as technical manager

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Created: 17th Jul 2010
Modified: 17th Jul 2010
Professional Information
Trinidad Juice company Ltd
General & Technical Manager

Description of Work:

§  I am a confident self-starter, Good Agitator - Goal Setter - Coordinator -Visualiser - Seeker & Achiever.

§  Consistently brilliant academic record, sustained interest in technical reading, top class proven Manufacturing/General Management capabilities, ability to comprehend and react fast with over-all OBJECTIVITY - rational, analytical & mature consideration, high IQ, effective communication Fair play, wide exposure to varied business & decision-making situations and management practices.





Þ    Develop and implement Strategic Plans for the Technical /Manufacturing department ,  including Technical Master Plans for each operation .

Þ    Contribute to the success of the organization at large as a key member of the operating board. Continuously drive improvements in Manufacturing capability and performance delivery by resolute implementation of the Manufacturing Strategy.

Þ     Set and manage Budgets for the Technical function of the business

Þ     Ensure good Corporate Governance and controls in the Technical department , including compliance to all applicable local country statutory and regulatory requirements.

Þ     Executive management of all the manufacturing assets ( Asset Care, optimize capacity utilization, Product & Brand integrity and Technical CAPEX plans )

Þ     Human Resources and HR processes in Manufacturing

Þ     Ensure a Safe and healthy work- and external Environment.

Þ     Manage the Technical Departments  Relationship with all its Stakeholders and customers

Competence , Knowledge and Experience

Þ     Appropriate Technical qualification  B.Sc., (chemistry), FIFST ( UK ) Fellow member of the Institute of food science & technology of the United kingdom )

Þ     29 years experience in Production / Manufacturing in a FMCG environment ( Brewing , Bottling or related   industries), incorporating high speed packaging equipment.

Þ     15 years experience in a senior management position

Þ     Experience in Modern Manufacturing philosophies and WCM work practices

Þ     Sound knowledge and understanding of Asset Care and modern maintenance practices and techniques.

Þ     Sound Human Resource Management experience

Þ     Experience in the application of performance management processes




January 2007  -  March ,2009  -General & Technical Manager

Serge Island Dairies Ltd.,

JAMAICA  ( West Indies )



May  2003 -  October 2006  - as Quality assurance & Product development Manager

SM Jaleel & Co., Ltd.,

TRINIDAD  ( West Indies )

April 2002 – April 2003  - as  Plant Manager 
Rudisa Beverages & Juices NV
SURINAME South America
Soft drink,(RC-Cola ) & Mineral Water Bottling Juice packaging in TETRAPAKS

Aug 2000 - March 2002 as General Manager
Marvel Aqua Mineral
Hyderabad , INDIA     
Soft drink, & Mineral Water Bottling

July 1999 -July 2000 - as General Manager     
Maji Masafi (Kenya) Ltd.,
Mombasa, KENYA, ( East Africa )        
Soft drink, & Mineral Water Bottling     

May1995 - June 1999  -as General Manager
Pure Drinks Ltd.,
Dar es salaam
TANZANIA, ( East Africa )    
Mineral Water Bottling     

May 1993 - May1995 -as Group Quality control Manager
Kwanza Bottlers
Dar es salaam
TANZANIA , ( East Africa   )  
COCA COLA Bottling(Three Coca Cola bottling plants)     

Jan 1989 - March 1993 -as Production Manager     
Sri Rama Pharmaceuticals
Hyderabad INDIA
Cough syrups & Tablets     

March 1975 - July 1988 - as Chief Chemist& Production Manager
Dubai Mineral water co., Dubai  UNITED ARAB EMIRATES     
Soft drink, & Mineral Water Bottling
Juice Aseptic packaging COMBI BLOC    

March 1973 - Nov 1974 - as Chemist  
Vinedale Distilleries
Alcoholic Beverages

Feb 1972 - March 1973-  Assistant Chemist
Hyderabad Bottling co., Hyderabad INDIA     
Soft drink Bottling          


§  Underwent successfully a short-term training in Industrial Management Conducted by Small Industries Extension Training Institute, Hyderabad, India

§  Underwent successfully introduction & training program with COCA-COLA AFRICA LTD, NAIROBI (KENYA).

§  Participated and contributed to water treatment seminar conducted by COCA-COLA AFRICA LTD at ARUSHA    TANZANIA   (east Africa )

§  Underwent     Training  course successfully conducted by TETRAPAK   Operation  of Process Room equipment, TETRATHERM  ASEPTIC  Pasteurizer  ,and  TETRA  ALCIP      CIP  Unit in     2002   at  Paramaribo,  SURINAME



·         In the first six months of my joining the COCA-COLA Group in Tanzania, I could bring down   product   rejects and wastage levels from 2.26% to less than 0.25% by introducing suitable critical control methods, check lists, personnel training and orientation.

·          PURE DRINKS LTD., TANZANIA solved all technical problems  in the water treatment process increased production by three folds .Developed market for bottled water in Tanzania.

·         Consistently maintained HIGH PRODUCT QUALITY STANDARDS for 13 years with DUBAI MINERAL WATER CO.,

·         At  S.M.JALEEL &CO , TRINIDAD   solved   water  quality  problems,  introduced  new  Product  formulations both in  carbonated soft  drinks  and Juices  & Juice  drinks. Effectively introduced  cost cutting , optimum raw material  utilization  programs   in    the  areas of  Lab chemicals,  sugar usage & yields,  Product dumps, Process wastages, Product handling in Ware house, Effective stock rotation,  Production planning, Proper  care & storage of raw materials  especially Concentrates.



Personal Characteristics

Þ     Able to think effectively and able to work under pressure.

Þ     Able to work in an unstructured environment ,Very high tolerance for ambiguity and ability to see the bigger picture.

Þ     Attention to details and high energy level ( Bias for Action ) while maintaining a , big picture , perspective and be results driven.

Þ     Good communication skills ( Both verbal and written )

Þ     Adaptation skills in ever changing environment , Very Flexible and non judgmental.

Þ     Ability to be a leader with a desire to develop other people.

Þ     To work effectively in a team.

Þ     Emotionally robust and Resilient Very able to manage, handle stress.

Þ     High Emotional Intelligence

Þ     To recognize a mission and have a vision

Þ     Culturally sensitive , respect and tolerance for cultural diversity




Technical Management & Manufacturing   Capabilities




§  Reverse Osmosis

§  Standard Chemical Treatment

§  Demineralization

§  Sodium cycle softeners for Boiler feed water,  Bottle washer, & Cooling Towers

§  Water  Disinfecting  (Ozonisation, UV,  & Chlorination )

§  Water Filtration (Sand filters, Activated Carbon purifiers, Polishers, & Micron filtration )

§  Conversant with water standards ( soft drink product water, Bottled water  & Industrial water )

§  Water Analysis ( Physical, Chemical & Microbiological standard test methods )

§  Chemical calculations related to water treatment




§  Syrup room sanitation & CIP

§  Simple Syrup preparation   & Pasteurization

§  Final syrup preparation in accordance with recipe & Quality Standards

§  Reconstitution of  fruit juices, Nectars and 10% juice or pulp drinks

§  Homogenization to prepare pulp based  fruit drinks ( Mango )

§  Brix, Sugar, syrup & Mixing ratio calculations

§  All records pertaining to syrup preparation




§  Familiar with ISO 9000 Total Quality Management  & GMP ( Good manufacturing practice ) and  HACCP

§  To set up Laboratory( Physical, Chemical & Microbiological ) for testing  water, soft drinks,  and juices

§  Sanitation, Cleaning & Disinfection , CIP ( Three stage & Five stage ) of all equipment and machinery

§  Complete lab Management to check Quality of ( Carbonated soft drinks in Glass & PET bottles, Aseptically packed juices, and Bottled Water )

§  incoming raw materials ( Sugar, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Carbondioxide, Concentrates, Water treatment & sanitation Chemicals, Packaging materials, Preforms, ROPP caps, Crown corks, labels, Glue etc.,)

§  In line Product quality monitoring

§  Incubation & Observation of samples ( Aseptically filled packs )

§  Physical, sensory, Chemical  & Microbiological tests to evaluate and maintain standards ( Appearance, Colour, Taste, Brix, Gas Voulme,   Yeast and mold,  Coliform, Fill height & Contents, Torque & Crimping, Bottle & label condition)   

§  Shelf life study

§  Statistical Process Control

§  All records, work  instructions , Flow  charts ,standards, Procedures, Test methods pertaining to `Quality Assurance Department`




§  Specialized experience in ‘Product development’ (Soft-drinks, Mineral Water, Fruit-Juices, Milk base drinks, Diet drinks,  Isotonic & health drinks, Flavored Milk, low fat Milk, Whole Milk, & reconstituted Milk, Nutrition  based drinks Developed many fruit drinks and fruit juice combinations, very popular and successful in market in many  combinations like ‘Pineapple-Ginger’, ‘Guava-  Pineapple’, Mango-passion’ ‘Fruit punch’  ‘Orange-Carrot’

§  Milk based beverages like ,’Peanut punch’ ‘chocolate Milk’ ‘Almond Milk’ ‘Pistachio Milk’, Flavoured Milks, Nutritional beverages for school feeding programs, Soya beverages and Milk & Juice combination drinks.

§  Developed  juice based  fruit drinks        

§  Juice based carbonated soft drinks

§  100% juices by reconstitution from fruit concentrates

§  Knowledge of  Nutrition panels, FDA requirements

§  Knowledge of  FDA approved food colors

§  EU  food regulations

§  Knowledge of labeling information declarations for

USA, Europe and other latin American and caribbean  countries



§  Production Planning

§  Over-all supervision of all Process & Production operations

§  Identifying the causes for Production losses ( Raw materials, Utilities , Machine down time,  Man hours & Product ) and apply appropriate corrective action & critical control methods )

§  Materials Management

§  Production Reports , Yield reports & Production Statistics

§  Statistical  Process Control studies



Biographical Information
Abdul Salam shaik
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Nov/30/1949
Gender: male
  Trinidad Juice Company Ltd.,
  Eastren Main Road, CCGA compound
Tel: 1 868 461 8554
Place of Origin: India

FOOD TECHNOLOGIST/GENERAL ,TECHNICAL & BUSINESS MANAGER” with 29 years experience in Beverage industry – Soft drink Bottling ( COCA COLA & Rc COLA ) Aseptic packaging of Juices  UHT ,(TETRAPAKS & COMBOBLOC),- MINERAL WATER Bottling , DAIRY ,Distilleries,Wineries, Breweries & confectionery covering technical & commercial aspects, Production, Quality control, Product development, Business Planning, Finance ,& Marketing, in INDIA,  UNITED ARAB EMIRATES,  KENYA  , TANZANIA( east Africa ) ,  SURINAME  ( South America) TRINIDAD (West Indies).and currently in  JAMAICA  ( West Indies ) as General & Technical Manager for  the biggest Dairy  & Juice packaging company  .


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I am from India (but away from India last 30 yrs except on holidays )i worked in many countries, dubai, kenya, tanzania, suriname, Jamaica and...

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