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Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed


My name is Mohamed Ahmed and my nickname is Furre (Key)

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Created: 1st Jul 2010
Modified: 1st Jul 2010
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self employed
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work as a refugee camp is very poor we are not entitled to open bank accouts using our elien IDs we cant move from one country to another we are confined into a camp, dont we desert the same rights as others

Biographical Information
Mohamed Ahmed
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Oct/21/1984
Gender: male
  Mohamed Ahmed
  68532, 00622 Nairobi kenya
Tel: +254-721-106-125
Place of Origin: Somalia

I was born in 1984 Southern Somalia a place called Mareerey in Middle Juba Somalia where there was the Sugar factory of Somalia, We fled from our place in 1992 and entered into kenya and finaly reached Dadaab refugee camp. in 1998 due to insurity reasons at Dadab UNCHR settled us to Kakuma Refugee camp where we reside upto now. In kkauma is a very hard place, harsh atmosphere and a nasty local people Turkanas kills innocent refugees and takes every thing they see even the dead. I currently stay in Nairobi where I completed a college in Business management. we live in a desapprate life and our flag became the one of UNHCR we have forgotten our own flag, it was a weird to me to see the 50 anniversary independent day in Nairobi kenya last night. I wonder why the international world blind folded to the situation of Somalia. Do you think the same man who planted the extremist in Somali can get a solution for them, do u thing the same men who destroyed somali can bring solution, do u thing the same people who kills for pride can bring a solution. I beg the whole world especailly the Africa countries to isolate all those people i mentioned and bring them to face the internation criminal court. The somali youth became a tool which can be transformed into anything, we are killed, in southAfrica, the libyan desert, the tanzanian cells, we are killed in broad day light in city of Niarobi, our movements are ristricted Africa are we not Human?

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