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Kanayo F. Nwanze
Kanayo F. Nwanze


President, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

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Created: 3rd Aug 2009
Modified: 1st Nov 2009
Professional Information

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Kanayo F. Nwanze
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Place of Origin: Nigeria

Kanayo F. Nwanze began his term as IFAD’s fifth President on 1 April 2009. A Nigerian national, Nwanze has a strong record as an advocate and leader of change and a keen understanding of the complexity of development issues.

He brings to the job nearly 30 years of experience across three continents in poverty reduction through agriculture, rural development and research.

During his ten years as Director-General of the Africa Rice Centre (WARDA), Nwanze was instrumental in introducing and promoting New Rice for Africa (NERICA), a high-yield, drought- and pest-resistant rice variety developed specifically for the African landscape. By increasing the Centre’s human, capital and financial resources, he transformed WARDA from an association covering only countries in West Africa to an Africa-wide organization with an international reputation for excellence. He also held senior positions at a number of research centres affiliated with the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), where he promoted public- and private-sector partnerships. As Chair of the CGIAR’s Center Directors Committee, he drew on his leadership and negotiation skills to help align programmes and encourage shared services, leading to the establishment of the Alliance of CGIAR Centers.

Nwanze served as IFAD’s Vice-President for two years before taking the organization’s helm. During that time, he championed and led the implementation of key processes that have improved the quality of IFAD’s operations in developing countries.

He was elected President by delegates from IFAD’s 165 Member States in February 2009. In his acceptance statement Nwanze said, “Our challenge will be to make agriculture the central focus of governments, reduce poverty and hunger and achieve the Millennium Development Goals.”

Nwanze earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria in 1971, and a Doctorate in Agricultural Entomology from Kansas State University in the United States of America in 1975. He has published extensively, is a member of several scientific associations and has served on the executive boards of various institutions. He has received numerous prizes and awards.

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President, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

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Author: tesseymurphy
Fri Feb 19 02:13:12 2010

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Author: lucy.koneh
Sat Oct 30 18:52:42 2010

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Author: glorybaby102
Fri Apr 1 02:03:08 2011

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Author: Steve Klaber
Wed Aug 5 13:33:47 2009

Neither Trade Nor Aid: Real independence is the route out of poverty. Agriculture and development for home use first. The "resource curse" that so many African countries have is an economy oriented toward the outside world. That orientation will always favor foreign workers and companies over your own.

Look to regularizing land ownership and tenure. Arable land is as valuable a resource as there is. People who work and improve their land must be able to be sure that they will retain the benefits. Troubles like the Kenyan Mau forest must be avoided… [Read Full Text]

Author: joannedeisen
Wed Aug 5 15:00:27 2009

Nonsense...your problems stem from your thieving governments....Joanne

Author: monsterhunter17
Thu Nov 19 10:47:06 2009

Seems you're not following anything + you don't know anything. Long since rich nations of the west have exploited Africa's resource rich countries. First the west armed those countries (to support rebel groups fighting against liberal governments) and now when countries are looted and governments corrupt and people poor and they require massive support, big corporations exploit the resources of countries like Kongo, Sudan etc. The corps are getting everything but the people - nothing. The aid goes into wrong hands AND no western countries help fighting these rebels maintaining disorder in the countries because it is gainful for them… [Read Full Text]

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