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Severo Moto Nsá


Severo Moto Nsá born November 6, 1943 in Equatorial Guinea is the most notable opposition politician in Equatorial Guinea, and leader of the Progress Party of Equatorial Guinea.

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Created: 18th Apr 2008
Modified: 18th Apr 2008
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Equatorial Guinea

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Severo lives in Spain where he has established a government-in-exile, to the annoyance of Teodoro Obiang. Moto operates a website that makes character assassinations on Obiang; Moto is the source of rumours that Obiang is a cannibal. Being of the same Mongomo clan as Francisco Macías Nguema and Obiang, Moto was allowed to participate in government activities during the 1970s and 1980s. He was a radio operator in the early 1970s, later ascending to the post of minister for tourism and information (1971-76, 79-82).
Biographical Information
Severo Moto Nsá
(At a Glance)
Interests: Politique, Economie, Culture
Place of Origin: Equatorial Guinea
Moto lost his government position with the end of the military dictatorship in 1982, and with the advent of multi-party democracy in the early 1990s, he founded the Progress Party. His opposition to Obiang caused him to be imprisoned at Malabo's reviled Black Beach prison. He claims to have won several elections in Equatorial Guinea. He is reportedly on good terms with José María Aznar, the former premier of Spain. Due to this and his position as the main contender to become president after a coup, he was accused by Equatorial Guinea of being the instigator of the March 2004 attempt led by Simon Mann and Nick du Toit, and tried in absentia. He disappeared for a short time in 2005, only to reappear unharmed. He claimed a pair of hitmen had taken him out on a yacht in Dubrovnik, Croatia, only to let him go because he was a fellow Catholic.

On December 30, 2005 the Spanish government lifted his political asylum. Moto has stated that before being expelled to a third country he will return to Equatorial Guinea in order to call for free elections. He appealed the decision, and eventually, in March 2008, the Spanish Supreme Court upheld his asylum request.

Weapons were found in a car at the port in Sagunto on March 4, 2008, and they were reportedly about to be sent to Equatorial Guinea. Moto was arrested in Toledo Province in mid-April 2008 on suspicion of involvement in this. (source wikipedia)

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