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Deepa Bhookhun


Deepa Bhookhun is a columnist for L'Express, one of the major dailies of the island of Mauritius.

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Created: 7th Mar 2008
Modified: 7th Mar 2008
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Deepa Bhookhun writes on a variety of topics, from governmental affairs to children's advocacy to gender issues. She is the daughter of Deepak Bhookun, a theater pioneer and former advisor in the Prime Minister's Office. She's also a stage actress.

Deepa's somewhat confrontational style has drawn sharp criticism from some readers, particularly on touchy issues such as race ("creolite").

But others appreciate that she tries to raise awareness and initiate public debate on important issues that don't necessarily make it to the frontpage, such as animal cruelty or the proper place of religion in today's society.

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Deepa Bhookhun
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  City: Port Louis
Place of Origin: Mauritius

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