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Isaias Afewerki
Isaias Afewerki


Isaias Afewerki is the first and current president of Eritrea.

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Created: 25th Feb 2008
Modified: 25th Nov 2008
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Government of Eritrea
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Isaias was born in Asmara, Eritrea. He became an engineering student at Haile Selassie I University, but left academia in September 1966 and joined the forces fighting for Eritrean independence in the mid 1960's after the federation of Eritrea with Ethiopia was dissolved. He joined the ELF in 1966 and continued to fight until splitting off to join a smaller band of combatants which would later be known as the EPLF, Eritrean People's Liberation Front in 1977. In 1987 he became the Secretary General of the EPLF, and is credited as the architect of the strategy that eventually allowed the EPLF to surpass and eliminate the ELF as the foremost liberation movement of Eritrea.

After Eritrean independence was achieved in 1993, he was elected the nation's first president, though he had been the de facto leader before independence. Presidential elections, planned for 1997, never materialised. Eritrea is a one-party state, with the ruling People's Front for Democracy and Justice the only party allowed to operate.

Mr Afewerki has been criticised for failing to implement democratic reforms. His government has clamped down on its critics and has closed the private press.

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Biographical Information
Isaias Afewerki
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Date of Birth: //
  City: Asmara
Place of Origin: Eritrea
Isaias Affwerki had studied also in China and when he joined the ELPF he and his freinds joined political aim to overthrow The DERG Ethiopian Regime with the now President of Ethiopia. He comes from the Southern Region of Eritrea . Afwerki was known for his Diplamatic Skills and Leadership. When he became President of Eritrea the Liberation Fighters were promised a New Era of Freedom and Democracy. Mr Isaias did not mantain his Promises of Fair and Democratic Election Instead he Imprisoned the most Influential ELf Leaders. In recent years his Fight against the Media was terrible, many Journalists were Jailed and others set in unknown Prisons. Although this negative aspects which I hope he will in the future Correct,We have to give him cresit to have raised the Standard of Education in Eritrea, Infrastructures and Transport and Agricuture have been in Years restructured  and  Eritrea can be considered  One of the Safest Nations in Africa. His Foreign Policies are seen very Aggressive with the Boardering Nations and some Western Nations as the United States while the relationship with the Arab Nations and Gulf States are to be considered Excellent due to the fact that  during the Thirty Years of Liberation Struggle many Eritrean Leaders found Safe Heavens in the Arab States due to their Islamic Faith.

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Isaias Afewerki is the first and current president of Eritrea.

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Author: Time to speak out!
Sun Dec 13 22:05:00 2009

It is amazing and perhaps not entirely by coincidence, Isaias, the person who controls the one-man state of Eritrea, resembles Sadam Hussein of Iraq. What is even worth is that he is as brutal as Sadam; and probably the most brutal dictator on earth at the moment, He is one of the worst leaders Africa and perhaps the world has ever seen. He does not give a toss what the world thinks or indeed even if his people starve to death, as long as he remains in power.

If Eritrea had a fraction of the oil resources of Iraq, the… [Read Full Text]

Author: samuelatalel
Wed Jan 13 13:53:43 2010

hey wehat are you doing to our brothers and sisteers?you better stop harassing we are one "ETHIOPIANS"

Author: suleiman_safi
Sun May 16 09:44:55 2010

for those who think Iaias Afewerki the most dictator. why he is againist of any mistakes done by USA? since all the dictators of the world is fully supported by America and very friend of America. And why he is living the same to the low class standard? why don't he join to the heven of dictators (America) of the world an enjoy his live happily.Please if you are realy an African think before you write or say what is going on in Africa by its own sons that after they sale them selves they are tring to sel the… [Read Full Text]

Author: atesfai
Thu Dec 2 02:00:24 2010

In the biography of President Isias Afework you indicate Eritrea has a good relationship with the Arab Gulf states and you give the reason that most of the Eritrean freedom fighters found a safe heaven there during the independence struggle because they were of Islamic faith. I would like to comment that this is not true. Many Eritreans including the President are Christians. The country is about 50% Christian and 50% Moslems. Please let the world know of this fact.


Author: Jambo
Sun Jan 16 13:00:03 2011

I'm surprised on your article "Eritrea can be considered One of the Safest Nations in Africa." while Isayas is the Brutal dictator of the word have you heard How many people are suffering in the prison of Eritera, in Containers, underground Prisons, Tortour, youngsters who are fleding their country due to security problem. If one country is not safe for his nation how could you say the safest nation in Africa???????

Author: nadia
Mon Apr 18 17:59:14 2011

this article says created in 2008. the person who published that article is propable the foreign affairs of afwork... dear yu not honest president afwork is well known internationnaly and regional as a weapon of mass destruction. the worst dictator ever. so yu canot hide the sunshine in yr hand(african proverb). by the time this article was created in 2008 as mentioned above th king afwork was under international embargo for supplying weapons and logistic on terrorist group in somalia al-shabab. 2. for agressing the red sea tiny nation of djibouti (republic of djibouti) related to a serious violations on… [Read Full Text]

Author: hageray
Sun Apr 24 09:17:05 2011

Regime change in Eritrea The Ethiopian governmentÂ’s bold decision to remove the mad dog of Asmara should be applauded. Not only is the self styled president of Eritrea a brutal animal who shows no mercy to his own people, he is a danger to the whole region of East Africa. It is right, therefore, for the Ethiopian government to be concerned and declare openly to remove this ruthless man from power. But this ambitious initiatives cannot be done in collaboration with the fragmented Eritrean opposition that is frankly too weak for its own good. The Ethiopian government should therefore go… [Read Full Text]

Author: hageray
Sun May 22 20:07:36 2011


It will be 20 years soon since Eritreans at home and around the world felt their long held dream has eventually come true, not knowing the mad dog of Eritrea (the so called president) would smash it to pieces. As a result the Eritrean people have sadly not been free for the last 20 years but brutalized by one of the most lunatic leaders Africa has ever seen. Could this mad animal last another 20 years? Hell no! I hope the Ethiopians will look at their long suffering brothers and surgically remove… [Read Full Text]

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