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Somalia : List of Puntland Universities, Somalia

Mission Statement Education | Steps have been taken forward by the Minister of education to analyze the state of education in Puntland where he reported to the Council of Ministers to have found a dismal situation. The Ministry is carrying fundamental education sector reform, which has begun already. F undamental education reform has been done in this sector with the following achie vements: • Harmonization of the secondary school curriculum. • Education budget increased and 200 teachers recruited • Accreditation for Puntland Secondary and Primary Certificates in neighboring countries • A considerable number of scholarships have been secured from Yemen and Sudan and distributed on a merit basis. • Increments in E C funded projects were achie ved • Efficient A dministration and Finance structures introduced. The harmonization of the curriculum and the official recognition of the Puntland certificates by a number of countries is indeed a great step towards the achie vement of the national vision and will enable Puntland students to pursue their higher education. D uring first quarter of the 2010, the Ministry of education is planning to review education and Teacher Training policies and de velop the education Act and the Education Strategic Plan. It is also in the plan of the Ministry of education to recruit 200 more teachers this year and carry out comprehensive curriculum re view in the year 2010. F urthermore, the Ministry of Education intends to seek more scholarships and recruit highly qualified education experts in key departments to facilitate education quality improvement. Other key priorities include; increase access to education, to introduce new skills training programs and establish an internal resource pool for education funds. One of the key challenges in the education sector remains the limited number of qualified teachers and the limited resources for education materials

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HeadQuarters: BANDER QASIM STR 124
Organization Contacts
  • Title/Division: PSU STUDENT
  • Telephone: +25257894
  • Contact Person/Office: MR. JAMA
  • Fax: +25257894

Organization Details


    * Bosaso University, Bosaso
    * Bosaso College, Bosaso
    * East Africa University,[1] Bosaso
    * East Somalia University, Qardho
    * Mogadishu University (Puntland branch), Bosaso
    * Puntland State University, Garowe
    * plasma university, puntland branch
    * Sanaag University of Science and Technology (USTec),
    * Nugaal University, Las Anod