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Citizens' Network On Essential Services (CNES)

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The Citizens' Network On Essential Services (CNES) works to democratize national and global governance by supporting citizens' groups in developing and transition countries that are engaged in influencing policy decisions about basic services: water, power, education, and health care.It provides analysis on issues such as the privatization of services, contending that citizens and their elected representatives (in democratic systems) should determine the kind of service provision that can best serve their social, environmental, and development goals. Participatory decision-making is the best route to achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. The public seeks to understand policy options related to essential services and their stakes with regard to their lives and livelihoods, but is barred from achieving this where there is no transparent policy debate. With respect to water, key issues include: How do policies promote universal access to safe drinking water? How do policies ensure access by subsistence farmers to affordable irrigation water? How do policies resolve competing demands among diverse users for access to scarce water supplies? How do policies influence incentives for conservation and stewardship of water resources?
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