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Pieces of the Quilt: The Mosaic of An African American Family
Pieces of the Quilt: The Mosaic of An African American Family

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Created: 17th Jul 2011
Modified: 17th Jul 2011
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Anita Wills
Anita Wills

Pieces of the Quilt, is a narrative told by Author Anita Wills, who researched her family history over a twenty year period. The research spanned several states and countries, including England and Africa.  The book is a chronicle of the ancestors who the Author was able to document. The Oral History of her family was passed down from mother to daughter. The first story the Author was told, involved the enlavement of 'Great Great Grandmother Lea, who was born in Guinea West Africa. It was her story that inspired to Author to document the family history and the book is to honor her life and legacy.

Anita Wills, Author
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