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Culture and Customs of Mozambique (2006)
Culture and Customs of Mozambique (2006)
Culture and Customs of Mozambique (2006)

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Created: 12th Jun 2007
Modified: 4th Sep 2008
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George O. Ndege

Culture and Customs of Mozambique (2006)

by George O. Ndege
Greenwood Press

Culture and Customs of Mozambique is a timely overview of an important nation as it rebuilds. Ndege covers the land and history and especially clarifies the multiethnic society, which comprises 16 ethnic groups. He discusses the migration of these groups into Mozambique, as well as their diverse cultural customs and practices. Readers will learn about the young population and the migration to cities today. The importance of the family and the changes to the family and gender roles brought on by education, urbanization, migration and religion are discussed. Other coverage includes the role of Islam and Christianity; the importance of art; indigenous, oral, and modern literature and media; a wide range of celebrations and leisure activities; ceremonies and cuisine; unique music and dance; and more.

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