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Nigeria : Nigeria (Countries of the World) (2005)
Nigeria (Countries of the World) (2005)

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Created: 6th Jun 2007
Modified: 4th Sep 2008
Lorna Robson
Evans Brothers Ltd

Nigeria (Countries of the World) (2005)
by Lorna Robson
Evans Brothers Ltd

This fantastic new series provides the most up-to-date information possible using maps, diagrams, charts and specially commissioned photos to support up-to-the minute text. Meticulously researched, each book offers a fascinating insight into the life of the country, providing an ideal support for GCSE Geography studies as well as providing general information about the countries of the world. This title looks at the largest country in West Africa. Nigeria has the highest population of any African nation and is Africa's major producer of oil. Much of the wealth generated by this 'black gold' has been lost through corruption and many Nigerians are desperately poor. This book examines the ways in which Nigeria is aiming to learn the lessons of its past and is facing the challenges of the future.