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Thai, South Africa
Well placed on a trendy strip of Durban, Baanthai offers great Thai food.? A large selection of dishes.
South Africa, French
A very popular French restaurant.? Great breakfest menu with strong presentation.? Eat inside or out on the patio.
South Africa
A traditional Japanese restaurant that serves sushi, seafood, meat and vegetarian meals. Decorated in a classic Japanese style.
South Africa, Italian
A popular choice for local students for its low prices and standard Italian menu.?
South Africa
For ten years, the Butcher Shop & Grill has garnered a reputation as a preimer steakhouse. No longer simply one...
South Africa, French
Known as one of the top restaurants in South Africa, it has superb French cuisine.? No printed menus since it...
Bar, Local
All brick and dimly lit bohemian chic offers blues and excellent food.? Open till 1 am, its serves a wide...
Coffee, Bakery, ...
Cafe Riche is the oldest cafe in the city. It is housed in a restored art deco building and serves...
Seafood, Local, South Africa
One of the oldest establishments in East London, it offers a diverse mix of local seafood and Swiss dishes.
Local, South Africa
A very popular restaurant and bar and one of the first in Cape Town to serve traditional African food.? It...