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Historical, Spiritual
An important religious site of the Yoruba; a sacred place for rituals. Monkeys, antelope and a great deal of other...
Abstract paintings are displayed from Jimoh Buraimoh, a celebrated and famous artist.
Historic market specializing in cloth products and fabrics.
Exhibits on geology and animals.
Climbing the rock offers excellent views of the city, and there are fascinating caves with great spiritual significance.
Collection of bronze and terracotta sculptures as well as other spiritual and cultural artifacts.
Nigeria's premier university, it is worth a visit. There is an excellent book store as well as a zoo.
Park, Wildlife, ...
A scenic mountain that boasts a plentiful array of butterflies. 
Togo, Other, Festival
Held on the day after the Prophet Mohammed's birthday, Adossa, the Festival of Knives is probably what you think it...
Historical, Architecture, Tunisia
Carthage was once a rival of the early Roman Republic and home to one of the world's most famous military...

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