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Noel Campbell

United Kingdom

My name is Noel Antonio Campbell, I'm an African Native, from the Isle of Jamaica, West Indian, Why is it, you African Leaders never call back, for the African people living in the West Indies.

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Created: 10th Mar 2012
Modified: 10th Mar 2012
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Noel Campbell
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Date of Birth: Dec/21/1966
Gender: male
  53 Cape Hill
  City: West Midlands
Tel: N/A
Website: http://www.N/A...
Place of Origin: Africa

I think Africa will be much better it they control, what is there's.  All black people living in the West Indies, none as the West Indian are property of Africa, so what I'm saying to you African leaders, have you leave it too late to called back for what is yours.

What you are really saying African leaders, that Africa is so poor, you don't want to hear about the African, that don't really know Africa, that's really ashame, I can't remember an Africa leader, ever question, why black people are still living in the West Indies, when Africa need them most.

Why is it, African leaders, never talk about those black who are not living in Africa, what is the big deal African leaders, why you want the African native living abroad, to continue to bui;ld up the world nucleus, than to come home an build a Proper economy, for the survival of their race.

What have gone into you African leaders, your shoes get too big for your feet now, one (1) man need everything for him/her self and family, that thinking will always make Africa week, and your people left to the lamb for slaughter, what are you saying to the West Indian, Native African, that Africa become too week, so you foggot about everything, and the only leadership you know is to look for yourself and your family, that's a complete shame, to know your mind set are that way.

How did so much guns reach Africa, do you manufacture it there, or you get it from the west, how did you find yourself into such corruption, because of this behaviour, the African continent, cannot build to its glory, because a few of you African leaders know, that if Africa build, there will be know need, for African, to come to Europe, for nothing, and you don't want that joy for your people, what a shame!  I'm disappointed of you, African leaders, you have know ambition, toward your people, independent status, you prefer to see your people call to the world an begg, than you do the right thing as leaders, build your economy, to prevent your people leaning and the English Democracy or and western country aid, how did you find yourself in that position African leaders.

Noel A Campbell,


West Midlands


B66 4SF








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