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Elogima Pant

Mrs. Sharad Pant a well-rounded and diversified individual is the founder & Director of the Human & Environment Care Association, India, and a Value Chain Advisor for Bonthe Food Security Project, Sierra Leone, West Africa. He has 14 years of experience and has worked in more than 6 States of India & West African countries as a development consultant and program management, training and capacity building expert in the broad field of: livelihood & value chain development, relief & rehabilitation, housing and human settlements, sanitation, and project implementation. Previously he worked on the issues of land management, watershed development, energy management, micro finance supported by Wells for India, Sir Ratan Tata Trust, CIDA, etc

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Created: 29th Sep 2011
Modified: 29th Sep 2011
Professional Information
Volunteers Overseas Sierra Leone
Value Chain Advisor
Working primarily in:
Sierra Leone

Description of Work:
Mr. Elogima Pant working as Value Chain Advisor for Development of Agriculture Business Centre, Farmers and Fishing community in Bonthe Food Security Project. The Bonthe Food Security Project is a four year European Union and Christian Aid funded project that seeks to contribute in addressing food in securing in three chiefdoms in Bonthe District. The project is made up of four components. They are food production and productivity, WATSAN and Nutrition, Fishery and Community Development and State strengthening. All these four components are interrelated in addressing food security in these chiefdoms.
Biographical Information
Elogima Pant
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: May/15/1972
Gender: male
  Wilkinson Road
  Mattru Jong
  City: Mattru Jong, Bonthe District
Tel: +23278376616
Place of Origin: India
He held responsibility as Program Manager in Development Alternatives, in habitat & livelihood development supported by Habitat for Humanity, State Bank of India, NABARD, and UNDP etc. In Tsunami Response Program in Andaman and Nicobar islands (German Agro Action Project) he held responsibility of Program Manger. He studied Master of Social Science and information Technology from the University of Amravti and holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics from the Vidhyabharati College; He is currently continuing both his professional career and higher education specializing in Global Poverty & Environment.
1) More then 55 Blogs on different issues on worldpress and other Blogging sites. 2) Developed the Document on Best Practices of Tsunami Rehabilitation housing construction with the support of UNDP. 3) Developed the Training manual for farmers and fishing community on marketing and business management aspects. 4) Developed the training manual for mason on making of pre-cast materials. 5) Developed Business Plan for Agriculture Business Centre.
By seeing the devotion, and zeal to work wholeheartedly for the development of agriculture and fishing community food security, the people of Bonthe District Awarded him an African name "Elogima" (meaning : -The person not tolerate any nonsense and react/ the man who never give up)
Other Accomplishments:
1) Economic Empowered 400 women by successful implementation of livelihood activities through Self Help groups. 2) Provided benefit to 170 farmers by watershed and land management activities. 3) Transformed 8 Hector of barren deforested terrene into forest by plantation and watershed development activities through community participation. 4) Constructed 370 Long Lasting shelters for Tsunami affected families. 5) Provided successful support to 154 Tsunami affected families for rejuvenate their livelihood activities. 6) Constituted the Meson Guild to protect them from exploitation of Builders and Contractors at the same time to make them capable to deliver cost effective environment friendly houses to the customer. 7) Provided training & Built the capacity of 42 village youths to start Cement based pre-cast building material enterprises. 8) Successful implementation of Credit base housing scheme. 9) Constituted and registered the Non Governmental Organization “Human & Environment Care Association (HECA)" to implement Educational, Agriculture and poverty alleviation programs. 10) Shared skill in Africa for the Value Chain in Agriculture and Fishing sector.

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